Life after Chemical Imbalances

DoubtGiven it’s been pretty quiet here, I thought I’d include a few links to other things people have been getting up to. Who knows, the magazine may return, it may not. But unirregardless, those who contributed keep on making good stuff. So here’s a few links.

Eley Williams has a story in the magazine Night and Day

Francesca Banchelli has guest-edited Issue One of folio. Matt Lomas has a piece of writing in there as well.

Amos Micah How has had a poem published in Issue 29 of Brittle Star magazine.

Will Barrett performed at Boring 2011. His other projects at the moment include Parallel Lines and Edgware Road.

Frank Paul has just had his first book, The Anatomist’s Handbook published.

Matt Drage continues to curate Copenhagen Place, and has an exhibition this winter in Limazulu.

Rob Safar has a project going on here

Zeph Auerbach can continue to be found here.

Catherine Williams continues to publish artwork here.

Michael Crowe’s website continues to astound and fox.

Kitedaggeranchor went to America on a cargo boat.

They grow up so fast, don’t they. (OK, apart from Kite.) But then, the neutrinos are on they way so there’s no time to be lost. I hope the used tea leaves of days that constitute the back end of December manage to strain some worthwhile dregs of two thousand and eleven out for you, and that you  enjoy the fruits of whatever tangential searching to which the ‘yperlinks above lead.

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ICA for CI

The ICA Bookshop has very kindly agreed to stock Chemical Imbalances. It’s a fantastic bookshop, already bursting with journals, art magazines and projects such as rattle.

I’m going to put issue 7 in there as well, because it’s the kind of thing the ICA like, and it’s by far the ‘artiest’ of the issues thus far.

ICA in my pants

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Chemical Imbalances 8

Chemical Imbalances 8 is now out. It’s A4, which is a first, and comes with a variety of 5 different titles, which is also a first. Ullage; Till Roll; Surface-to-air; Temporary Permalink; The Worried Well. Take your pick.

Chemical Imbalances 8

Contributors: Will Barrett, Eley Williams, Amos Micah How, Rob Safar, Michael Crowe, Zeph Auerbach, Frank Paul, Matt Lomas and Catherine Williams. Some art; some writing; some art writing.


real places: Eastside Books, Donlon Books, Big Green Bookshop,



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Francesca Banchelli and the Mapping of a Gesture

cold bath

cold bath

Francesca has made a video of the construction process she used for Mapping of a Gesture (Theory of Cold Bath). Find it on Vimeo here.

the theory

the theory

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Chemical Imbalances 7

some magazines

The March issue is here. A collaboration between Matt Lomas and Francesca Banchelli, this is an issue whose specificity more than makes up for its concision, if indeed concision is something to be made up for.

This is an apology. A sort of Mathematician’s Apology for the magazine, inspired by Francesca’s artwork, Mapping of a Gesture (The theory of cold bath) [a video of which is forthcoming on this blog].

Not much more to say. Usual stuff: Eastside Books on Brick Lane, Donlon Books up by London Fields, Big Green Book Shop up in Turnpike Lane. Or come down the Doghouse in Kennington.

Here’s a little taster of Francesca’s artwork:

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Have you collected all 6?

Have you collected them all? If any tile of the above mosaic is in the least bit unfamiliar, then the answer is very probably no. They are

1       2       3

4       5       6

If you have, well, send me evidence, and your name, and you’ll be entered into the prize-draw to win a novelty cereal packet the size of a small council estate.

If you haven’t, then you can draw satisfaction from the fact that you’re part of a very broad and rich community of diverse peoples.

The seventh will be more of a kind of marking of how far this ridiculous project has come, rather than an issue in it’s own right. That’s right, it’ll be a meta-issue. Shoot me.

Errr…. happy 2.25pm.

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Brief Interviews with Hideous People – a reading


I realised I should probably mention that I live in Kennington, if that helps people work out travel plans. Do email for an address. We currently have 11 people confirmed, so there’s space for more. (But not too many – my sitting room ain’t all that.)

Lastly, given it’s DFW arcana, anyone reading this post would probably be interested to note that Radio 3 had a program on him on Sunday night. Catch it here:

Group Reading Event

You are cordially invited to an evening group event. David Foster Wallace wrote a sequence of fictional interviews called Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. The questions are not written; we only have the answers. The conversational dynamic, and the space for inference created have always struck me as probably different (and interesting) in a live setting. So we plan to read the sequence, taking turns, possibly discussing between interviews.

When: Sunday 13th February 2011, 7pm

Where: my house. (email below for details)



Below is a list of all the interviews and their lengths. Obviously there is a good chance we will not make it through all of them. But the main reason for posting it up is to demonstrate that there are many short interviews to read, so even people petrified of reading one can come and read 200 words and sit back and relax. (Although you can also obviously come and not contribute.) Also, if you would like the chance to relax into something considerably more symphonic, well then, the option’s there for that as well.

The Interviews:

#14 08/96 – 2 pages

#15 08/96 – 1 page

#11 06/96 – 2 pages

#3 11/94 – 5 pages

#30 03/97 – ½ page

#31 03/97 – 5 pages

#36 05/97 – 1/3 page

#40 06/97 – 4 pages

#42 06/97 – 4 pages

#2 10/94 – 8 pages

#48 08/97 – 13 pages

#51 11/97 – ½ page

#19 10/96 – ½ page

#46 07/97 – 8 pages

#59 04/98 – 11 pages

#72 08/98 – ½ page

#28 02/97 – 8 pages

#20 12/96 – 26 pages

Something for everybody, I’d say. So long as you like David Foster Wallace.

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Chemical Imbalances 6

Issue 6 of Chemical Imbalances has arrived back from the printers. Verily. It features the work of

  • The Paralipomaniac (who is on twitter at @robsafar, but whose name is The Paralipomaniac)
  • Eley Williams
  • Matthew Drage
  • Matt Lomas
  • and cover art by Lucy Beynon

Can I get a hell yes. Usual deal, Big Green Bookshop, Donlon Books, Eastside Books, here, or catch me at the Doghouse in Kennington. Of course, a thousand apologies for the tardiness of the arrival of the January issue. There is much to be fixed about this time of year.

March’s issue will feature the work of Francesca Banchelli. About which, we here at head office, are much enthused.

Keep close, there may be wolves.


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3 + 4 + 5 = £5

hop skip jump

Issues 3 + 4 + 5 for £5 inc. P&P

Simon (@simontkey) at the Big Green Bookshop (@biggreenbookshop) has been super nice and offered to run an online deal on Chemical Imbalances. Their in-house policy of being general legends means they can offer free postage and packaging on this bumper pack of everything that’s good about life.

Thus, the combined package gets you Eley Williams’ fiction, artwork by @mount_st_nobody, more artwork by Frank Paul, fiction by The Paralipomaniac, a crossword by Henry Brown, fiction and a music video by Matt Lomas, cartoons galore and of course a recyclable envelope.

So, hie thee hither over to Big Green Bookshop’s website ( and reap the fruits of our ingratiation with(/to?) these kind people.

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Issue 5 Out Now

exciting times

"help me, I'm Issue 5 of CI and I need a home!"

Issue 5 of Chemical Imbalances is now out. Featuring:

Artwork by Frank Paul

Fiction by Eley Williams

A Crossword by Henry Brown

Music Video and Psychogeographic Walks by Matt Lomas

It is, as custom dictates, now on sale at the Big Green Bookshop and Eastside Books, but as yet not at Donlon Books, because they weren’t open at 3pm yesterday when Chemical Imbalances stopped off to deliver their shipment. Soon, though. If you would like to mail order, then you should visit Big Green Bookshop’s website, where Simon will kindly organise such.

Or email with requests or queries. Much Love. x

(As a little taster, below is another of Frank’s lovely drawings, a series of which is collected inside the magazine.)

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